Training offered for Businesses in Libya

Libya is increasingly offering numerous new business and investment opportunities in the country and in so doing, a number of organizations have undertaken to provide training for business in Libya in order to respond to the needs of international practice.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Libya offers a combination of tactical and strategic consultation for businesses and claim to take an intimate approach to ensure that businesses are correctly positioned for success in the country. Some of the most successful American businesses in our country have strong partnerships with certain Libyan businesses and complement one another.

It is a law in the country that any foreign company wanting to operate a business in Libya will have to have a Libyan partner company and this is a good way for foreign organizations to mould with our markets.

There are other Libyan training programs that have been set up to specialize in business training needs across a collection of sectors, including tourism, banking and construction. English language courses are typically offered and are tailored for the specific sectors. Short course programs have also been implemented to enhance personal development as well as management training that relates to the nature of the Libyan business environment.

Some programs have been designed as pre-departure preparation courses for business people coming into Libya and these help to gain a cultural awareness within businesses. Short courses for hotels, retail and tourism are offered by some institutions.

The training offered for businesses in Libya has so far been successful particularly amongst the banking sector and all training is geared towards building awareness of international practices, management, commercial concepts and technical matters.

Technical English is frequently taught to Libyan businesses as is Arabic to foreign investors who require it. The energy sector has also received a great deal of training and the matter of customer service is trained consistently.

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