Education on the up in Libya

From what I have heard, education in Libya is undergoing a complete overhaul and a team of experts have been recruited to totally rewrite the curriculum for the country’s public school system and universities as education becomes possibly the most serious concern for the country.

The standard of education in Libya is working towards lifting to a level that can easily compete with the best systems in the world and it is up to the country to make sure the level of education is right up there. Of course, teachers have a vital role to play and it is essential that the country ensures that optimal training is provided for the teachers as it is up to them to bring the new curriculum to life and make it easy to understand. Along with the disciplines of Science and Arts, teachers will have to teach unity, discipline and tolerance to the younger generation and ensure that students excel in every aspect.

Education is surely the foundation of our country and we are doing our duty to empower youngsters by aiming to provide them with the best possible education we can and helping children to work towards achieving their big dreams.

Human Rights NGO’s have also been set up to build programs for education and innovation. Almost a quarter of our population is of school going age and are hopeful that they will gain opportunities to get a world-class education that will enable them to find jobs and lead enriched lives.
But changing the entire system is no easy feat and it will take the efforts of both public and private sectors to turn the sector around. Libyans are ready to learn new languages, create businesses and deal within a globalized economy which means that there is great opportunity for foreign investment and new beginnings in Libya.

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