Who is LibyaBusiness.Com?

LibyaBusiness.Com was started to help international companies successfully enter the business market of Libya.

LibyaBusiness.Com was founded by Jeff Wilson and is managed by our consulting company that offers professional consulting services. We have a wide network of professionals at our fingertips who can help us quickly and effectively help our clients reach their business goals.

Jeff Wilson

Owner / Founder

Jeff Wilson has been living in North Africa since 2001. Living on the ground in Tripoli gives Jeff a unique position to help international companies looking to get established in Libya.


The Company

Offering over 18 years of experience in North Africa, BABCOPRO provides on the ground business consulting to clients looking to establish or grow their business around the world. Whether you are looking for help to start your business, develop a marketing plan, or looking for strategic coaching, BABCOPRO may be right for you.

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