Do you want to grow your
business in Libya?

Jeff Wilson Marketing Expert

What You’ll Get

  • Quick & thorough communication
    We speak English! Avoid surprises in Libya
  • Accurate, firsthand knowledge
    We live in Libya and understand the country
  • Peace of mind
    We understand the international mindset
  • Saved time & resources
    We allow you to focus on what you need to

Libya Business – Doing Business in Libya

When most people think of Libya, they think of war and turmoil. When we think about Libya, we see a land of opportunity. Libya is actually ripe for new business ventures. The country has a growing number of young, progressive entrepreneurs who are looking to do business in Libya.

Doing business in Libya is not for the faint of heart. It does take effort and energy, but the opportunities for return on investment are great. If you are interested in doing business in Libya, you will want to make sure you do your homework. We would suggest you find a good team on the ground to help you meet your business goals in Libya.

Business in Libya usually requires a strategic local partner. Make sure that you spend time finding the right partner because it could end in disaster.  If you need help finding a local partner, please let us know.

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