Rental Contracts: What you should know

Once you have found your rental apartment or house, you will want to draw up a contract with the owner. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when signing a rental contract in Libya.

Down Payment
Most home owners require a downpayment of 6 – 12 months at the point of signing the contract. In some cases you can negotiate a lower longterm price if you pay 12 months upfront. Most owners are hesitant to offer contracts for less than 6 month. On a side note, giving too many months upfront could be risky if you have to leave for some reason.

Length of Contract
Most home owners are looking for a longer term contract of more than 1 year. They may ask for a guarantee from your employer. You may want to add a line in the contract that gives you an option to extend. You can just continue living in the place without any problems.

When signing a contract, you will need to provide a copy of your passport. Normally all contracts are written in Arabic, so you may want to have a translator present. To finalize the contract, both parties will sign the document and stamp it with your thumbprint. The fingerprint proves that you agreed to the terms and contract.

Electricity and Water
You may want to ask about water & electricity bills. Some houses include this in the rental price while others require them to be paid. Make sure to find out if your house has its own meters or if the meter is shared.

Renting a home in Libya is quite an easy process. Finding a great landlord can be a valuable friend.

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