Al Fursia Park – Exercise & Play

For those living in Tripoli, you might be looking for a place to let the kids run and play. Located along the beach road, overlooking the Tripoli harbor, is the old racetrack complex – Al Fursia. The racetrack has been converted into a wonderful outdoor area for all ages. From play equipment for kids to the padded running track, Al Fursia is worth a visit.

Playground for Kids
Located in the middle of the grounds is a lovely play area for kids. Equipped with swings, slides and carpeted floor, this play space is perfect for all ages looking to enjoy the outdoors. While parents sit around the edges and chat, kids are free to run & play.

For those looking for some exercise, the park is perfect for all ages and levels. Men, women and children make their way around the padded track at different speeds. Spaced throughout the area are exercise sections for men and women with bars and training equipment.

Al Fursia seems to be well patrolled with guards and staff throughout the park. By the number of Libyan present, it seems like it is considered a safe environment.

Food & Cafe
For those looking to just relax and enjoy the space, you can get your coffee and snacks at the local family snack bar.

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