Libya Business – Seize the Opportunity

42 years and now freedom – Libya looks forward to a bright future

After 42 years of no real business development, Libya’s doors are opening offering tons of wonderful opportunities. From infrastructure to technology, Libya’s business climate is right for those entrepreneurs looking for a golden opportunity. A well established businessman told me that “Libya was a virgin land ready for any form of investment and business ventures.”

The time in now
Everyone knows that those who get in early, are the ones who have the best opportunity to get a piece of the piece. Now is the time to act! Over the past few months, many foreign companies have been entering Libya to “check out” the new business climate. Oil, security, and building are just a few of the sectors that are already present in Libya. If you are even remotely interested in doing business in Libya, now is the time to come and visit.

Business Visa
For anyone looking to come to Libya on business, you will need to have a business visa. You can read more about the business visa requirements here. Make sure you find a reputable company to host you and help you obtain your business visa. Business visas can take a few weeks to be obtained.

Libya is ready for business! has been started to help business people from around the world invest successfully in Libya.

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