Libya Business Visa

Libya Business Visa Regulations
According to the information that we have on file, anyone wanting to visit Libya for business reasons, must apply for a business visa. These Libya Business Visa come in different lengths and types, ranging from a month month single entry visa to a 6 month multiple entry business visa.

How can I apply for a business visa?
The application process is not too difficult for obtaining a Libya Business visa. The first thing you need is to have a company or contact inside of Libya host you for your business trip. If you already have a company that you are collaborating with, they should easily be able to help you obtain the necessary paperwork for your business visa. If you do not yet have a company that you are working with, you will need to contact a service company who can help you with these requirements. Your host company, whether business or service, will need to request your visa from the immigration department in Libya. Once they have received approval of the visa, it will be faxed to your nearest Libyan embassy. You will then need to go and present your passport to the embassy to have the visa placed in your passport.

1. Scanned copy of your passport
2. Dates of Travel
3. Reason or purpose of visit
4. Payment:

How long does it take?
Normally a business visa can be obtained in less than 2 weeks if you have all the documents in place and your host company does their job efficiently.

How much does it cost?
Please click here to see the most current PRICING OF BUSINESS VISAS

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