How to obtain a Libyan Driver’s License

Process for Converting a Foreign Driver’s License to a Local Libyan License  September 2012 (Updated June 2013) The Process 1. If possible, it’s good to have an International Driver’s license as well as a license from your country of citizenship, although it’s not a “must.” 2. An eye check-up is required…both to test for colorblindness […]

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Registering Your Libyan Car

Once you have successfully purchased your car in Libya, there are a few things that you need to do to have it fully functional. If you purchase the car from a dealership, they will normally complete all of the paperwork for you. Here is a list of items to make sure are completed. Log Book […]

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Can a foreigner buy a car in Libya?

(Updated October 1, 2013) The short answer to this question is YES! Need a Libyan drivers license? From what I understand, some people have been told that you must have a Libyan drivers license in order to purchase a vehicle in Libya. However, from our experience having bought cars here in Tripoli it was not […]

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