Registering Your Libyan Car

Once you have successfully purchased your car in Libya, there are a few things that you need to do to have it fully functional. If you purchase the car from a dealership, they will normally complete all of the paperwork for you. Here is a list of items to make sure are completed.

Log Book
You will need to get the official log book for the vehicle in your name. You must provide 2 passport pictures and a copy of your passport to get this processed. This normally takes just a few days to complete.

Foreign Tax
You may be required to pay 500 LYD tax as a foreigner purchasing a car in Libya. You will receive an official receipt for this payment. For larger vehicles, the price may be a bit higher.

License Plates
You will also need to get your license plates made. I would recommend getting them made from the official license plate office and not on the street. Remember that foreigners are required to have a little blue box on their license plate to show a foreign owned vehicle.

Libya does not require standard insurance like most countries. You must pay around 30 LYD for a year of insurance for your vehicle. You can always get extra international insurance if you desire to travel outside of the country.

Road License
The final piece of documentation that you will need is the road license sticker. This should be purchased and placed on the front windshield of your vehicle.

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