Why you should invest in Libya

Libya can be described as a frontier market with amazing credentials, heaps of optimism and a driving ambition. The country also has deep pockets and boundless opportunities for investors. Libya has access to a cash pile of more than US$ 200 billion and the ability to rebuild its country. But there is massive room for investment in nearly every sector of the economy from retail to construction, training and oil.

The country’s cash pile is set to continue growing as oil productions surpass expectations. Infrastructure though requires a great deal of work and the country needs to rebuild literally everything from utilities to housing and power as well as telecommunications and there is no doubt that these opportunities coupled with investment will do wonders for job creation and education.

Our country views itself as a catalyst for stabilization and is working towards training the workforces to keep up with the mushrooming expectations of the nation and its visitors. Our current industries include petroleum, textiles, cement, handicrafts and food processing but attempts are being made to diversify the economy with focus being placed on tourism, agriculture, natural gas, fisheries and mining. Tourism alone has seen a positive boost and it is imperative they we get our roads, airports, resorts and shopping complexes built up to world-class standards.

We realize that every sector is in need of revision and reconstruction and this means that the opportunities for foreign investment in Libya are abundant. Some international stores, supermarkets and food chains are already enjoying much benefit from expanding into the country and not just in the capital of Tripoli, but some of the other more densely populated areas too.

Libya’s business culture is based on essential relationship building and honor which ensures that your business thrives from trustworthy dealings and old fashioned chivalry.

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