Travel & Tourism

Libya travel has becoming very popular over the years and the country welcomes thousands of holiday makers each and every day. Whether you are looking for airline companies in Libya or you are looking for a good hotel, then you need to have a look through our travel and tourism listings. You never know when you will need a transportation company for your business or a hotel to book a visiting client into.

Libya Adventures
Address: Zawiya Dahamani, Tripoli

Al Rabie Travel & Tours
Phone: +218-21-3347180
Address: PO Box 1997, Tripoli, Libya

Amazon Travel Agency
Phone: +218-21-3362196
Address: Tripoli Tower First Floor Office, Tripoli, Libya

Jawharat Traplus
Phone: +218 21 444 7776
Address: Benghazi street, off Omar AlMukhtar Street, Tripoli,Libya