Do ATM’s Work in Libya?

One of the easiest ways to get money while traveling around the world is through ATMs (Bank Machines). Since the revolution, more and more ATMs are working around the Tripoli. Perhaps the most reliable machines belong to the AMAN Bank! You can find these machines located scattered throughout the cities, in airports, some hotels and banks. We usually use the mobile ATM at Martyr’s Square or at the AMAN bank ATM just up the road from the square before you get to Hotel Kebir on your right.

When traveling to Benghazi, we did notice that there were less machines available, so you might want to bring enough cash with you when you travel to Benghazi.

Other towns
In most other towns, ATMs are not available, so plan to use cash.

Money Suggestion
We would advise you to keep enough cash on hand incase the ATMs go offline and money from outside is not available. Dollars and Euros can easily be exchanged in banks or in the gold market.

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