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Valuable Time & Money

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Profitable Opportunities

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With Local Businesses

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What we do:

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Business Registration

Are you looking to register your company in Libya? Get it right the first time. Allow us to help you save time & money by avoiding the common pitfalls during the registration process.

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Local Partner Research

Are you looking for a strategic Libyan partner for your business? Don’t make the mistake of partnering with the wrong person. Let us help find someone reliable and honest.

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Relocation Services

Are you looking to move your family or employees to Libya? Allow us to help you relocate easily with our vast network on the ground. We can find the right place for you.

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Take Advantage of our Business Expertise from Inside Libya

LIBYABUSINESS.COM offers information & resources for those interested in entering the Libya Business arena. From information on business registration to business consulting, LIBYABUSINESS.COM is your solution for Libya Business.

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Our Benefits to You

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  • Quick & thorough communication: avoid surprises in Libya
  • Accurate, firsthand knowledge: we live in Libya
  • Peace of mind: we understand the international mindset
  • Saved time & resources: we allow to focus on what you need to
[/checklist] [/one_half] [one_half] [testimonial_slider title=”Testimonials” delay=”9000″ duration=”800″ auto=”1″ bottom_paginator=”no”] [testimonial name=”Conor” org=” / Pharmaceutical Company / Ireland” avatar=”http://thememotive.com/converio/placeholders/2014/01/avatar3.jpg” avatar_position=”left” font_size=”3″ quote=”no” ]“Jeff in Libya Business offered me an excellent and highly professional service. The company has a vast amount of experience and good contacts on the ground in Libya and this was clearly evident in the quality job they did for me. They are comprehensive in their work and very responsive in answering my queries. I can unhesitatingly recommend Jeff and Libya Business based on the work they have done for me. ”[/testimonial] [testimonial name=”Jodie” org=” / Project Manager / Confidential” avatar=”http://thememotive.com/converio/placeholders/2014/01/avatar1.jpg” avatar_position=”left” font_size=”1″ quote=”no” ]“It is refreshing to find someone that can help me with this transition. As I see it, living your life already has given me the credentials. I see a family that is emerged themselves into the Libya culture and you know the language… So, you see, you are the right person.”[/testimonial] [/testimonial_slider] [/one_half] [/columns] [/fullwidth] [promobox pattern=”01″ background_color=”#70c14a” fullwidth=”yes” bottom_margin=”no” top_margin=”no”] [slogan color=”#fff”]Need Libya Business help? [/slogan] [button color=”white” size=”large” light=”no” icon=”” open_in_new_window=”no” link=”https://www.libyabusiness.com/contact/”]Contact us today[/button] [/promobox] [recent_posts title=”” numberPosts=”4″ numberWords=”120″ /]