Libya Business Visa Pricing

Option 1: Local Host Company
The price of the business visa varies depending on the method that you choose to obtain it. If you have a host company in Libya, they will normally take care of the fees in country. You will be required to pay the cost of the visa at the embassy which ranges $45 – $200 (depending on the length of the visa?

Option 2: Visa Service Company
If you use a service company to handle your visa process, you will be charged a fee for them to find you a host company, expedite your application, obtain the immigration approval and fax it to the embassy. We have found a reliable service company that charges the fees below.

1 Month Business Visa: $300
3 Month Multiple Entry Visa: $500
6 Month Multiple Entry Visa:: $600
Note: This takes 7-10 day and will be sent to the nearest Libyan Embassy

Note: You will still have to pay the Libyan Embassy when they put the visa in your passport. The pricing above is ONLY for the service of getting the business visa approval.

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