IELTS training in Libya

Improve your IELTS score!

  • Instructor from the UK
  • Private: One-on-one lessons
  • Tailored lessons for your needs
  • Guaranteed improvement
  • Easy Access: Djerba, Tunisia

Improve your speaking and listening with a native English teacher from the UK!

privateinstructionWhere: Djerba, Tunisia
Instructor: Daniel Byrne
Training Company: The Tunisian Door
When: Your Choice
How much: $25 per hour

You will:

1. Improve your IELTS examination score
2. Improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking.
3. Take steps towards the IELTS level you need
4. Tailored lessons to meet your specific needs
5. Be 100% satisfied with the training process

“Why wait to improve your IELTS score?”

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