Why you should invest in Libya

Libya can be described as a frontier market with amazing credentials, heaps of optimism and a driving ambition. The country also has deep pockets and boundless opportunities for investors. Libya has access to a cash pile of more than US$ 200 billion and the ability to rebuild its country. But there is massive room for …

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Why you should do business in Libya

Libya has begun to offer fantastic business opportunities with many rewards to be reaped. With nearly every sector in the country requiring investment, from tourism to technology, infrastructure to education, Libya is certainly the right country for businesses wanting to gain exposure and financial reward. The country is ready for any kind of investment and …

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Foreign Investment in Libya

A very bright future for foreign investment has been predicted for Libya. Oil is obviously a predominant industry, along with gas, and it is planned that the entire sector will receive an overhaul. Current oil production sits at around 1.6 million barrels per day in a country that boasts the largest proven oil reserves on …

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Planning for a business in Libya

It has been proven that the time is ripe for business investment in Libya as more and more foreign businesses enter the country and realize the fantastic economic opportunities that await them. Libya has been working on their business investment laws since the revolution, but things are not yet set in stone. There are a …

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