Is Libya Secure for Business?

One of the questions that we get asked on a regular basis is, “Is Libya Secure for Business?” This is a tough question, without a simple answer. What do Libyans think? When I ask Libyans what they think, you get a mixed response. Many will tell you that Libya is fairly secure if you stay …

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Internet – Getting set up

At this point in time, there are only a few ways that you can have internet in your house. All of them take time to get established, but are necessary for keeping in touch with your families back home. 4G The latest service offered by LTT company is 4G. New packages are being introduced. If …

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Why you should invest in Libya

Libya can be described as a frontier market with amazing credentials, heaps of optimism and a driving ambition. The country also has deep pockets and boundless opportunities for investors. Libya has access to a cash pile of more than US$ 200 billion and the ability to rebuild its country. But there is massive room for …

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