Small Business Seminar

A FREE BUSINESS SEMINAR! Learn the 5 areas of focus

  • Finding & developing your idea
  • Lessons on business planning
  • Why marketing is VITAL
  • Understanding the importance of sales
  • Satisfying your customer

Tuesday – February 3, 2015 (5:00 PM) – Business Seminar

***Feb 2nd is completely full***

businessseminarWhere: Zawiya Dahamani, Tripoli
When: 5 PM – 7 PM (2 hour seminar)
How much: FREE – You must register beforehand at our office
Instructor: Mr. Wilson (International Business Consultant)
***Training will be in English

You will learn:

1. To discover hidden business ideas
2. To understand the importance of a “niche”
3. To decide which business planning method to use
4. Why marketing is the lifeline of all businesses
5. The basics of a marketing plan
6. To understand the importance of sales
7. The basics of sales
8. Why satisfying your customer will keep your business growing

“Start your business on the right foot!”

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