Month: January 2013

Planning for a business in Libya

It has been proven that the time is ripe for business investment in Libya as more and more foreign businesses enter the country and realize the fantastic economic opportunities that await them. Libya has been working on their business investment laws since the revolution, but things are not yet set in stone. There are a …

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Education on the up in Libya

From what I have heard, education in Libya is undergoing a complete overhaul and a team of experts have been recruited to totally rewrite the curriculum for the country’s public school system and universities as education becomes possibly the most serious concern for the country. The standard of education in Libya is working towards lifting …

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Retail in Libya is booming

The developing economy in Libya has created an upsurge in the retail industry as consumers begin to demand international retail products. Additionally, the development of new shopping centres and retail outlets has created great opportunity for international retailers in Libya. Tripoli in particular has begun exploring shopping centre development and we are beginning to open …

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