Month: December 2012

The Libyan Medical Sector

Libya was once praised for having the highest Human Development Index in Africa. The gas and oil discoveries in the 1950s turned the country into one the richest in the region and essentially made them the third richest country in Africa. With the discovery of hydrocarbon wealth, Libya has continued to progress in our health …

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Oil and its opportunities in Libya

Libya produces around 1.5 million barrels of oil every day making the industry an attractive investment for foreigners. Our wells produce light, sweet crude that comprises a low sulfur content making it much easier to refine than other types of oil. This type of oil has been favored in European markets and in fact Libya …

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Franchise Opportunities in Libya

With a rapidly growing tourism industry, increasingly growing building and construction sector and the welcome influx of foreign investment, Libya is beginning to be seen as a favorable choice for international brands and franchise partners. Cinnabon, a cinnamon bun chain was the first franchise to open in Tripoli in 2012, co-branded with Carvel Ice Cream. …

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