Rental Contracts: What you should know

Once you have found your rental apartment or house, you will want to draw up a contract with the owner. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when signing a rental contract in Libya. Down Payment Most home owners require a downpayment of 6 – 12 months at the point of […]

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3 Tips for Starting a Business in Libya

For those looking to invest in Libya, here are a few key tips to make sure you get it right. Doing business in Libya can be seen as a risky investment, however, don’t let that turn you away. With the right planning, business in Libya can be very profitable. Here are 3 simple tips to […]

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Schools in Tripoli

There are a few different schooling options for those bringing children to Libya. Currently there are a few schools that are open for business and some others opening for the 2013 school year. You will want to contact each school in order to check out their facilities and educational standards. All of the schools below […]

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Registering Your Libyan Car

Once you have successfully purchased your car in Libya, there are a few things that you need to do to have it fully functional. If you purchase the car from a dealership, they will normally complete all of the paperwork for you. Here is a list of items to make sure are completed. Log Book […]

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