Can I Find a Furnished Place?

Libya offers both furnished and unfurnished housing options. For those looking for shorter rental leases, you might want to consider a furnished placed. More money, less hassle Furnished places do cost more money than empty apartments! Depending on what type of place you find, you can spend double the money for a furnished place. The […]

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Can a foreigner buy a car in Libya?

(Updated October 1, 2013) The short answer to this question is YES! Need a Libyan drivers license? From what I understand, some people have been told that you must have a Libyan drivers license in order to purchase a vehicle in Libya. However, from our experience having bought cars here in Tripoli it was not […]

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What does a Libya Business Visa Cost?

(Updated 1 October 2013) Option 1: Local Host Company The price of the business visa varies depending on the method that you choose to obtain it. If you have a host company in Libya, they will normally take care of the fees in country. You will be required to pay the cost of the visa […]

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How do I get a Libya Business Visa?

Libya Business Visa Regulations According to the information that we have on file, anyone wanting to visit Libya for business reasons, must apply for a business visa. These Libya Business Visa come in different lengths and types, ranging from a month month single entry visa to a 6 month multiple entry business visa. How can […]

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Where can I exchange money in Libya?

For those of you who have dollars or Euros to exchange into Libyan Dinars, the best place to exchange is in the local gold markets. Although you can do it in the banks, you can normally get a slightly higher rate in the gold market. Is there a fixed rate? Make sure that you ask […]

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Do ATM’s Work in Libya?

One of the easiest ways to get money while traveling around the world is through ATMs (Bank Machines). Since the revolution, more and more ATMs are working around the Tripoli. Perhaps the most reliable machines belong to the AMAN Bank! You can find these machines located scattered throughout the cities, in airports, some hotels and […]

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Beach Fun – Great Family Outing

Libya has miles and miles of great coastline! Heading to the beach is a great activity for families in Libya. During the summer, many Libyan families will hit the beach for the afternoon or day. If you go to one of the established beaches, you can rent some chairs and table under the thatched shade […]

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Mobile Phones in Libya – Best Options

There are only 2 real options for mobile phone companies in Libya: Al Madar and Libyana. Many Libyans actually have 2 SIM cards, one for each company. Currently you can purchase a new SIM card for 5 LYD from each of these companies around the cities. You will be required to give them a copy […]

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How do I find a house in Libya?

There are a number of ways you can locate your new house in Libya. Real Estate Agent Libya has many small real estate offices around each city. These agents normally have a few houses and apartments that they can show you. Make sure that you tell them exactly what you are looking for before you […]

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How do I find a business partner in Libya?

Perhaps the better question is, “How do I find the right business partner in Libya?” There are many people willing to be your business partner in Libya! Just sit down in any cafe and start asking around; I am sure you will have a number of people volunteer on the spot. But the point is […]

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